Radiology and Diagnostics Imaging

Radiologist Dr. Steven Johnson   and the Radiology Department of the Madison Hospital provides the highest quality diagnostic imaging services possible using state-of-the art equipment.  The Radiology Department offers services 24 hours a day to all patients of the Madison Hospital, LQP clinic and Madison Lutheran Home.  All employees of the Radiology Department are highly trained and have appropriate competence.

A  wide variety of services are available at the Madison Hospital Radiology Department such as :

  • Diagnostic X-ray
  • Computerized Tomography or “CT”
  • Bone density
  • MRI
  • Digital Mammography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Nerve Conduction Studies

2009 proved to be a very exciting and year for Radiology Department.  The entire department was moved into a new and expanded space.  Much planning went into designing this new space to accommodate all new Digital radiology equipment, including an in-house CT scanner.  An in-house CT scanner enables medical staff to handle an emergency or medical condition with precision and accuracy.  The Radiology Department also teamed up with 7 Medical, a company which provides long-term image storage called PACS.  All images are now sent to the Radiologists in a digital format via the internet.  Madison Hospital Radiology Dept. contracts with Voyageur Radiology from St. Paul, MN.  Radiologists are available 24  hours a day, 7 days a week to provide professional reading services for all imaging modalities.    7 Medical stores the images for our facility and the medical staff are able to view the images on their computers.  Along with the implementation of a PACS service, we installed a new CR unit or computed radiography unit.  This piece of equipment converts the xrays that used to be printed to film, into digital images.  This is the latest and most advanced technology available.  Nerve Conduction Testing was also implemented in 2009.  This testing is performed on patients with a variety of symptoms, including carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica.

Jessica Trager, Liz Brehmer, Cathy Mork, and Erika Hayunga

Jessica Trager, Liz Brehmer, Cathy Mork, and Erika Hayunga