labMHS’ Laboratory is an essential part of a patient’s total health care.  The laboratory is a high complexity testing laboratory and is staffed by highly educated and trained medical laboratory technicians.  Laboratory services are available to patients seven days a week and after-hours and emergency testing is available 24 hours a day by on-call personnel.

Our lab is responsible for all sample collections, including blood collections for all of our patients in the hospital, clinic, and nursing home.  We perform intricate testing on all types of samples using state-of-the-art technology and we strive to keep current on new and upcoming technology.  Just this year, we added a new specialized analyzer called the e411, which performs cardiac testing, specialized diabetes testing, thyroid function testing, PSA’s for prostate cancer screening and Vitamin B12 and Ferritin assays for iron testing.  We perform nearly 80,000 tests per year in our lab, including tests like White Blood Counts, Influenza testing, coagulation studies, to the intricate chemistry tests used to diagnose many diseases. The Laboratory serves as a transfusion service for individuals needing blood or blood products and we work closely with the American Red Cross.  The lab provides breath alcohol screening and DOT pre-employment drug screen collections to many employers in the area.

Madison Hospital Laboratory is also responsible for performing EKG’s and Holter and Event Monitoring for cardiac patients.  We work with the Central Minnesota Heart Center in St. Cloud to provide cardiology services to our patients.

In 2009, the Laboratory moved into a brand new space.   The new and expanded lab provides a specimen collection area, with  space for performing EKG’s, and a large central laboratory to house our state-of-the art analyzers.  Along with the new lab, we also converted our stand-alone Laboratory Information System into a facility wide Electronic Medical Record.