Madison Lutheran Home Future Projects

Introduction to Madison Lutheran Home’s Renovation’s

Madison Lutheran Home embarked on a multi-phase remodeling project back in early 2004, which began with the planning of how we felt our nursing home needed to change in order to provide residents with the surroundings the expected and space our employees needed to provide good quality care.  It was through a lot of hard work and planning by the entire Madison Lutheran Home staff and the Board of Directors.  Madison Lutheran Home, which was a 176 bed facility in 1999, saw the community of Madison’s population aging as well as declining.  With this in mind the vision for Madison Lutheran Home was to convert as many double and/or semi-private rooms into private rooms.  Through the latest project ending in 2008 we are now licensed for 87 nursing home beds.  By downsizing our licensed capacity it has allowed us, through remodeling, to have 57 private rooms and are now left with only 15 double rooms in our facility.  It was also Madison Lutheran Homes vision to provide more space for residents to enjoy and create a more home-like atmosphere that residents and there families could enjoy.

2005 – 2007 Nursing Home and Physical Therapy remodeling project

This was our first and largest phase of the nursing home remodeling project.  The project began with creating a new, and much larger, area for the activities department (Location “A” on the map).  It was also centrally located so that it was easier for all residents to participate.  In order to accomplish this we had to take out eight resident rooms.

Station II South (Location “B” on the map) was not only renovated to create private rooms for residents, but it also added an area for restorative care.  Restorative care  is an important program that Madison Lutheran Home offers.  It is with this new area and the trained staff that allows our residents to work on activities of daily living (ADL).  This area now has seven private rooms that are completely remodeled with there own private bathrooms.  The south hallway also has a room that has two bedrooms and a singe bathroom designed for couple’s wanting to enter the nursing home together.  We also remodeled our Tub room making it larger and more accessible for all residents and easier for employees to work in.

Physical Therapy (Location “C” on the map) moved from a 900 square foot area in the hospital/clinic building into, what was the old activity room and now have a newly remodeled area with 1,950 square feet to provide services to our nursing home and outpatients in one convenient location.

A Hospice suite (Location “D” on the map) was also created.  We took an office and a single resident room and created a two room hospice suite for those families that have a loved one in the end stage of life.  It is equipped with a room for the resident and a separate room with a hide-a-bed sofa and living area for the resident’s loved one.  This was created so that families of the resident can stay at there bed side as long as they like while having there own room in close proximity of there loved one.

The final area of phase one was the renovation of the Station I dining room (Location “E” on the map).  This area saw a complete remodeling.  What once was an old institutional looking dining room has now been upgraded with wood flooring, new tables & chairs, new windows to view the courtyard, and a new serving area.  All these improvements have made the dining experience on Station I more pleasurable for our residents.

2007 – 2008 Nursing Home remodeling project

Madison Lutheran Home continued to invest in its physical plant by continuing its efforts to Station II East, Main Dining Room (Location “F” on the map), and Station I tub room (Location “G” on the map).

Station II East resident rooms, which included 12 rooms, were completely remodeled with private rooms.  The rooms on the South side of the wing were remodeled with wood flooring, new windows, new furnishings, and new private bathrooms.  The rooms on the North side took six rooms and remodeled them into four new single rooms.  These rooms are larger and offer wood flooring, new windows, new furnishings, and new private bathroom and shower rooms.

The biggest change this project saw was to the dining room and the main entrance of the nursing home.  The dining room was divided into two rooms by a walk way.  The dining area now has wood flooring, new furniture, new windows, and a restaurant serving station.  The south side of the main dining room was converted into a living room area that  was furnished with comfortable furniture, large screen TV & entertainment center, new windows, and a water fountain.

As you enter the facility you will now be greeted with a new reception window and a new seating area.  You will also notice that when you enter the nursing home directly to your right is a new gift shop that is operated by the Madison Auxiliary.

2009 Nursing Home remodeling project

Our latest project, which is still in progress, was the replacement of our Boiler House and emergency generator.  The boilers that were replaced have been in operation for 40 plus years.  We have been experiencing more and more problems with the system in the past couple of years and felt that this was an important project that needed to be addressed for our residents safety.  What once used to occupy two buildings will now be housed in one building due to the size of the new equipment.  The new equipment is much more efficient than the previous system and has a useful life of 35 years.  We also have replaced our generator with a new larger generator.  As time presses on so does technology, which makes it that much more important that our facility have power 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Future Nursing Home projects

As you can see by the map that all the areas in light brown have yet to be addressed.  The North Wing is the last of the resident rooms that have not been remodeled yet and consequently part of that wing have not been sprinkled.  By 2013, the State of Minnesota is requiring that all healthcare buildings be sprinkled.  With this being said we have looked at how we would like to remodel this area to enhance the atmosphere for our residents.  Although, we have not decided on anything yet, we do know that we would like to continue to offer more private rooms to residents.  We also see a need for more living room and/or den areas for residents and there families.  As more information becomes available we will update this section.