Madison Hospital Future Project

Introduction to Madison  Hospital Renovation

Madison  Hospital started on its multi-phase remodeling project back in 1999, with the planning of how to update an aging facility.  Madison Hospital was built back in 1952 and became operational in 1953 and had not been updated until 1999.  The board of directors and many staff members put a lot of time and effort into raising money for this project and prioritizing what would make Madison Hospital a state of the art facility that would be able to serve the community well into the future.

1999-2000 Hospital/Clinic Remodel and Parking Lot addition

The first phase of the project was to completely remodel the Lac Qui Parle Clinic to provide more exam rooms, offices, admission area, and waiting room.  This was an extensive project because the clinic had to be temporarily relocated to the nursing home.  Once completed the new clinic area provided more than adequate space for patients to be seen by one of our practicing providers.  When finished the clinic was furnished with 13 exam rooms, 1 procedure room, and 4 offices for the practicing providers.  The front lobby area was remodeled to accommodate a waiting area, bathrooms, and a reception desk to great patients.  The addition of a parking lot and a main entrance to the hospital and clinic was also constructed during this phase.

2002-2003 Hospital remodeling of existing patient rooms

This phase of the project directly affected patient care because we totally remodeled every room.  The purpose of this phase, along with the subsequent one, was to take semi-private rooms and convert into private patient rooms.  The old patient rooms along with the bathrooms were small.  This project, when completed, had a total of 8 totally remodeled rooms, including a obstetrics room and a critical care room.  All, but the critical care room, of these patient rooms have there own private bathroom with shower.

2003-2004 Hospital remodeling of existing patient rooms and ER

This project fed off the previous project completing the plan to privatize rooms while making them larger.  This project finished the remodel of 3 patient rooms leaving the Madison  Hospital with a total of 11 patient rooms while being licensed for 12 beds and 2 bassinets.  The nurses station was also totally remodeled to allow for more space for charting by both providers and nurses and to house new patient monitoring equipment.  The emergency room was also totally remodeled with state of the art equipment and furnishings.  As with the other areas of the hospital this room had not been updated since it was built in the 1950’s and desperately needed an make over to accommodate more equipment, supplies, and room for emergency situations that come to the hospitals doors.

2007-2008 Hospital addition of new Lab and Radiology suite

With volume increases in laboratory and radiology services at the Madison Hospital needed to add extra space to accommodate the new technology that providers needed to care for our patients.  Due to the need Madison Hospital added on approximately 2,500 square foot.  This addition moved laboratory into a temperature controlled room for all there lab analyzers and it also created a new space for digital radiology room.  The biggest addition was the adding of a CT Scanner to our facility, which is accessible to our medical staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Pharmacy was also expanded to allow for more space for medications and a area that houses an enclosed hood used for mixing IV solutions for patients.

Future Projects

Madison  Hospital is in the process of conducting a Strategic Plan and a Master Facility plan that will help develop our final construction project.  The only area that is still in its original state is the Operating Room and the Central Supply Room.  These areas are not yet sprinkled and it is mandated that they become sprinkled by the year 2013 to stay within regulations.  Once our strategic plan is completed the Madison  Hospital will develop a construction plan that will either remodel our existing O.R. and CSR areas or create a new O.R. and outreach patient procedure rooms.  By expanding our main floor area we will be able to offer more outpatient services through visiting physicians all on one floor.  This projects anticipated start date will be in the year 2011.