Social Services

Hope Beachem & Therese Fernholz

In a time when issues of national and community interests are budgets and stretching resources, social workers are vital to the community in addressing unique local needs. The MHS social workers collaborate with community and area professionals in the best interests of our clients. Our professional values are client-centered quality care and quality of life. At MHS the community has been able to reap the benefits of such collaboration in the outcomes seen in the new rehabilitation wing. The focus on rehabilitation and return to highest level of functioning can be noted in the rate of discharge to home apartment, or housing with services. Approximately 70% of admissions since January 2009 have returned to home or apartment. In the past about 30-40% of our population has come for the purpose of receiving therapy to regain skills and return to a previous level of functioning. Our team approach is to foster the possibilities and enhance each person’s ability to reach his or her highest potential.