Madison Healthcare Services Clinic Medical Staff consists of:

Dr. Brant Hacker, M.D.

Dr. Laura Hong, M.D.

Michael Deyo, PA-C

Maribeth Olson, PA-C

Paul Hodge, CNP

Together with the nursing staff, the clinic coordinates and provides quality care to its patients. The clinic is conveniently open six days a week and attached directly to the hospital allowing easy access to medical services such as lab, x-ray, pharmacy, and other diagnostic services. The clinic hours are as follows:

Monday 8-5 P.M.

Tuesday 8-5 P.M.

Wednesday 8-6 P.M.

Thursday 8-5 P.M.

Friday 8-5 P.M.

Saturday 9-Noon

To schedule a clinic visit, please call us at 320.598.7551. Fax: 320.598.7553