Important Notice Regarding Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Individual Market Plan: BlueConnect (Does NOT affect Medicare Recipients)

You may have noticed Madison Healthcare Services is not included in Blue Cross Blue Shield’s individual market plan BlueConnect which has a limited health insurance provider network. This could mean your most convenient option for care will not be covered.  This does NOT affect Medicare recipients. We’re disappointed that our patients in southwest Minnesota will now have limited options.  Here is how you may be affected by the limited network option:

  • You’ll have to drive to another community for your care.
  • You can’t keep the provider you know and trust.
  • You may have difficulty setting up appointments due to insufficient capacity of in-network providers to handle new patients. 

We have contacted Minnesota officials about our concerns, and we think you should too.  This Friday January 20th at 12:00 at Madison City Hall Auditorium (404 6th Avenue Madison) a meeting will be held with Senator Gary Dahms and MN Representative Chris Swedzinski.  Please attend this very important meeting to speak directly with our legislators regarding this insurance and healthcare issue. 

The Madison area is covered under District 16A.  Below is contact information:

Gary Dahms

95 University Avenue W.

Minnesota Senate Buildilng, Room 2111

St. Paul, MN 55155



Chris Swedzinski

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Saint Paul, MN 55155



Sample Letter to use as a guide:

(Your Name)


(City, State, Zip)




Honorable (Full name)

(Governing Body, ex: Minnesota State Senate)

(Office Address)


Dear (Representative/Senator) (Legislator Last Name)


My name is (First & Last) and I live in your district.  As a constituent of yours, I hope you will consider the issues people are experiencing in southwest Minnesota due to limited health insurance doctor networks. 

I’m very upset I can no longer access my longtime Madison Healthcare Services provider due to limited health insurance options in southwest Minnesota.  Because my Madison Healthcare Services provider is not in Blue Cross Blue Shield’s BlueConnect limited health insurance doctor network I will have to drive (x) miles to receive my care.  I will also have to find a new provider.  My premiums are already increasing, yet I still don’t have access to my local provider or convenient care.

(Include a personal story if you choose to provide more impact)

I appreciate your time and consideration on this issue.  Please support any legislative initiatives to allow my Madison Healthcare Services provider to be in-network with BlueConnect. 



(Your Name)


Gov. Mark Dayton, Office of the Governor & Lt. Governor

116 Veterans Service Building

20 West 12th Street

ST. Paul, MN 55155


Commissioner Edward Ehlinger, MD
PO Box 64975

St. Paul, MN 55164-0975