Heart Health

cardiac rehab 2017February is Heart Month, used as a podium to educate people about their heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American men and women, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths in the US.  Nearly half of Americans have at least one risk factor for heart disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, or an unhealthy diet.  Risk also increases with age.  Madison Healthcare Services has a variety of programs to benefit your heart health.

MHS partners with CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center from St. Cloud to provide monthly Cardiology outreach services.  The heart center has been named a Top 50 Cardiovascular hospital by Truven Health Analytics and was listed in Becker’s Review as one of the top 100 hospitals and health systems with excellent heart programs in 2016.  We are very fortunate they partner and come to Madison so our patients do not have to do any traveling! Typically patients are referred to a cardiologist by their primary care provider for issues such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heart valve disease, and abnormal heart rhythms.  The cardiology group from Central MN Heart & Vascular will see patients in our clinic at a consultation and provide treatment regimens in conjunction with the patient’s primary care provider.  If warranted, the cardiologist may order additional cardiac testing to be performed to further investigate the cause for the patient’s symptoms.  MHS is pleased to be able to conduct the additional tests at our facility.

Our providers Dr. Brant Hacker and Michael Deyo, PA also provide cardiac stress testing.  Both Dr. Hacker and Michael Deyo have received specialized training and education to oversee the cardiac stress testing protocols.  A cardiac stress test is sometimes called a treadmill or exercise test.  It helps identify how well people’s heart handles its workload.  Stress tests are performed here every Monday.  If you think you are a candidate for a stress test you will need to consult with your primary care provider so they can provide you with a referral.

Madison Healthcare Services also has a cardiac rehab program which offers 2 phases of rehab.  Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program designed to help improve your cardiovascular health. The cardiac rehab program at MHS offers education on healthy eating, stress/coping with cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation and helps patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Phase 2 is available for individuals with stable chest pain, a history of heart attack, heart and lung transplant, coronary artery disease with cardiac interventional procedures, valvular heart disease and/or associated surgeries and chronic stable heart failure.  We also offer a phase 3 program which is not covered by most insurances and is offered to individuals who successfully have completed phase 2, have risk factors for heart disease, known coronary artery disease, or other heart related problems. Individuals are monitored by an Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified RN, who works under the direction of an MD.

If you have any questions about Cardiac Rehab contact Marissa Stahl at 320-698-7199 ext: 7104 or Jill Mortenson 320-698-7155 for any Outreach Cardiology questions.