Healthcare is Changing for the Better: MHS is now a Minnesota Certified Health Care Home

green-hchA health care home is your central site for care.  It is an enhanced, direct way of navigating and delivering your health care needs through all spectrums of the health care continuum. It is a team centered approach of care that gives you access to all the services and support you need.  The team includes yourself, your primary care provider, therapists, specialists, and staff at the clinic who you have chosen to play a role in your care.  It may also include trusted family or friends who are involved with your health care.  Everyone benefits from this coordinated, patient-centered care.  Contact the clinic if you would like more information on Health Care Homes 320-598-7551.


  • Develop a primary care plan that addresses your needs
  • On-going relationship with your primary care provider sharing mutual respect and trust
  • Care is focused on you as a whole, not just one part or problem
  • Receive coordinated care that is tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Your primary care provider partners with other specialists and connects you to other services and support networks if needed
  • Your cultural and religious beliefs are valued, when possible, your preferences for treatment and care are met.
  • You take charge of your own health by knowing all the aspects of your specific care
  • You are given information to help you learn more about your ongoing health concerns to avoid less ER visits and hospital stays